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All Things Azeroth covers Blizzcon

Today we are merely 2 days from the start of Blizzcon, the show celebrating all properties in the Blizzard Entertainment empire. Blizzard on Tuesday released the schedule for the show, then pulled it back, and released a new schedule. We … Continue reading

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All Things Azeroth all over the place

This past week has been a pretty huge one, and the week coming up is expected to be an even bigger one! Not only did we release both episodes 125 and 126 this week of ATA, totaling over 2 hours … Continue reading

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Upcoming alterations

Hey everyone, While these coming few weeks will be a rough one for me, and the show, I did want to let you know what’s going on. So I got this great, well paying new job, but it requires I … Continue reading

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Medros on Pixelated Live

Hey all, I wanted to here that tomorrow evening, March 18th, I will be live as for sure a guest, perhaps even a co host for the Pixelated Live World of Warcraft special show. I am amongst World of Warcraft … Continue reading

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Episode 100 Contests!

As we announced on the live recording of All Things Azeroth this past Monday, February 9th will be our live recording of the 100th episode of the show. To celebrate, we will have audio played from all over our fan … Continue reading

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All Things Azeroth #92 – Redefining the Winter Wondervolt

Graece returns to make Medros stammer through Winter Veil achievements, Character Re-Customization, and Patch 3.0.8 PTR. Live Chat Participants: Jen from Hypernonsense, Jen from xabbott, and Misk. Follow the show on Twitter for live updates, live recording times, and more! … Continue reading

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AzPodMo 08 #5 – Nov 5, 2008

Medros is joined by Jen of the Hypernonsense Podcast to go over the PTR 3.0.3 patch notes and talk a little PodMo while Graece is out sick Live Chat Participants: Jen from Hypernonsense, Aylii of the Murloc Queen blog, Grizzly … Continue reading

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