Frostmourne meets Cake

Apologies for this taking so long! I do hope yo have more pictures as we get the official photos and other family and friends send theirs in. Enjoy!


Thank you to all of those who donated!
Scott V, James L, Stephen L, Alexander J, Sharon S, Sahwn F, Sherri O, Chris B, Roy D, Dion P, Kelli S, Mark D, and Scott L. Your donations, your kindness, and your generosity made this, and the tankard which is also on order, possible. THANK YOU!


My name is Medros, host of All Things Azeroth and owner of the fledgling podcast studio, Dawnforge. On September 29th, 2012, I am getting married to my beautiful fiancee. I have been playing World of Warcraft since beta phase in 2004, and have never found a game I love so much as I do WoW. For my wedding, my fiancee has agreed to allow me the opportunity to cut our wedding cake with the epic runeblade Frostmourne! The only catch is that it cannot be bought with our limited wedding budget. So, I ask you, fellow geeks, fellow WoW players, and listeners to the Dawnforge shows, to help me by donating what you can to this cause. There may be a time limit on these as the manufacturer has stated the weapon is being discontinued, but I am trying to get more information on time lines. I thank you for reading this at the least, and donating if you are able. Glory to the Alliance, and Down with the Lich King!

In game facsimile of intended use:

The following was posted to the WoW General Discussion forums, where it lived for a few short minutes/hours before being removed.

Hello, I am sure a few of you will know me from my show, but the reason I wanted to post this was something else. From the first time I saw the replica Frostmourne swords, I have been blown away by them. When I was planning to ask my fiancee to marry me, I knew the one thing that would make my wedding perfect would be to cut the cake with one of those legendary blades. Now that I have a date, September 29th, 2012, I have embarked on a personal quest, to get a Frostmourne by the wedding for cutting the cake.

My fiancee, not a WoW player, has told me that I cannot use wedding budget money to get this sword, so I am left to ask those in the community who I have the utmost respect for, to help. I made a small sub site,, to ask the people of the WoW community to help with small donations. Alas, the window for availability of these swords may be closing, so if it does, those who donate will be given many options for the use of their donation, including refunding it. If I get the sword, I promise the community that we will have some truly epic pictures from the wedding which we will share with the community. If you can help, I would appreciate it. If you cannot, I understand and thank you for your time in reading this thread.

Community management team: If you need to delete this thread, I definitely understand. A request for clarification from the CS twitter account did not get much in the way of a clear response, so I thought I would post this anyway. I appreciate your hard work and hope you will understand where this dream, this post, and this effort come from, a love of the Warcraft universe and the people behind it. Thank you in advance, no matter the fate of this post.

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