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How Expansions are Remembered

With Blizzcon recently announced as coming November 8th and 9th, and the hope and expectation of an announcement of the next expansion to WoW, I was thinking back to the past, and present expansions to WoW, and what they might … Continue reading

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Patch 5.1 goes live November 27th

We here at All Things Azeroth have received confirmation from Blizzard that the 5.1 patch will go live tomorrow, Tuesday November 27th. This patch will bring the might of the Horde and Alliance to the shores of Pandaria, with bases … Continue reading

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Panda Night Launch Broadcast!

On Monday night, gamers around the world will be waiting eagerly for the clock to strike 12 midnight, and they can venture forth to Pandaria. All Things Azeroth is proud to bring you a broadcast for those who have returned … Continue reading

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Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Released at Gamescom

The Mists of Pandaria cinematic we have all been eagerly awaiting is here and it is epic! Let’s watch it now: As @Gazimoff, formerly of Dawnforge‘s Obscurecast said it after seeing the cinematic at Gamescom: @Gazimoff: There are moments of … Continue reading

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Mists of Pandaria March 19th press event news roundup

Welcome! Today at 12:01 AM PDT the NDA for last week’s Mists of Pandaria press event lifts, and we will be providing a summary of what was revealed, and links to news stories from around the community as soon as … Continue reading

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All Things Azeroth #267 – That was Pandamonium

All Things Azeroth, your World of Warcraft Podcast, is back as Medros and Shade return a bit later than usual to discuss all of the events of Blizzcon, including Mists of Pandaria, Pet Battles, and more Please take a moment … Continue reading

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Episode 53 surpasses all others

I am happy to reveal here that the most recent episode has become the most downloaded episode of this podcast. I want to thank the WotLK Wiki for their link and the info they have provided. To the new listeners … Continue reading

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