Mists of Pandaria March 19th press event news roundup

Welcome! Today at 12:01 AM PDT the NDA for last week’s Mists of Pandaria press event lifts, and we will be providing a summary of what was revealed, and links to news stories from around the community as soon as the posts start happening. Shade and I will also provide in depth analysis of the news on this evenings All Things Azeroth.

Community Coverage:

[Update:1:36 am PDT]
One final update, then discussions on podcasts may begin!

  • minor glyphs to be the fun type, such as a mage one to make teleport dalaran to take you to the crater, not the city
  • making changes to major glyphs
  • you will be able to frequently change talents
  • already more new mounts in MoP than were in Cataclysm
  • interesting LFR loot changes. Rolling individually, not against other players per item. Highest roll will not necessarily win anything, if nothing is there for them
  • Valley of the Four Winds will give you your very own FARM! Yes, that’s right, Pokemon and Farmville in the same WoW expansion!
  • Old tree form glyph, but not related to the tree of life spell
  • a swim form glyph to make you look like a whale instead of a sea lion
  • travel form glyph to change the travel to a white stag instead of cheetah, and you can be ridden in stag form
  • moonkin form glyph to change the form to ‘astral plane’ but currently just turns them to ghosts
  • pet battles will have no communication between owners, nor will you know the player you face, only their pets names
  • Glyph of the Chameleon: Gives you a random appearance when you shift into Bear or Cat Form
  • Monks will not have light/dark resources, but instead a single Chi system for abilities
  • Character creation system will be changed to give thumbnails for different options like for hair, and you can choose it to preview in full.
  • Character creation will also have an animated video playing to show you several in combat looks, ala D3
  • Devs went with Mega damage over Item squish as the option, 5 digit damage or higher will be abbreviated with K or M.

[Update:12:31 am PDT]

  • Lillian Voss will appear in Scholomance for revenge on Gandling
  • 9 level 90 heroics, 3 raids spanning 14 bosses at launch. All raids to have 3 difficulties
  • Scenarios will reward Valor points, can be queued for
  • 5+ scenarios likely at launch
  • You can name your pets, and those are shared cross all toons
  • can level up your pets on critters and NPCs in the world
  • roughly 100 wild pets around azeroth to collect(!!!!)
  • no new race models yet,
  • At best, dwarves may have been ready for release
  • next on list after account wide pets is achievements
  • “Have group, will travel” is being replaced, new perks will come at least in replacing bad ones in now
  • Might have the ‘scale down level and power to play with friends’ at launch, still working on it
  • Beta ‘very soon’ to truly test whether changes are awesome
  • no item squish
  • Warlock pets Shivan, Wrath Guard, and a few others such as a Beholder

[Update:12:20 am PDT]

  • MoP not light and fluffy
  • Aysa Cloudsinger is a follower of Tushui, contemplative, focused on abstract ideals of justice and morality(Alliance)
  • Ji Firepaw is follower of Houjin, impulsive, quick to action, and practical(Horde)
  • Sha are manifestation of negative energy
  • Jinyu are a fish-man race recruited by Alliance
  • Hozen act like a group of 14 year old boys running around together in the jungle, equipped with machine guns and weapons from the Horde
  • Grow your own Cloud Serpent over span of 20 days
  • Mogu, original rulers of Pandaria, ruled for 10,000 years
  • Saurok, race of lizard men made by Mogu
  • In one patch(sounds likely 5.1) Horde and Alliance will arrive on a beach in Krasarang Wilds and build fortresses, which Varian and Garrosh will appear at
  • Tome of clear mind is a consumable to change glyphs and talents, low cost

[Update:12:05 am PDT]

  • End of MoP will be the end of Garrosh with the ‘Siege of Orgrimmar’
  • 11th character slot
  • AoE looting(YAY!)
  • Cloud Serpents are Pandaren mounts
  • Warlocks are most changed, along with getting new pets
  • More mounts!
  • creature armor(pets? mounts? all of the above?)
  • 7 leveling zones in MoP
  • Pet Battles will be fun and casual, not a big competition with W/L tracked, only Wins
  • Pre MoP patch will be 2 weeks before, may involve Theramore storyline and Chen Stormstout
  • Female pandaren model

[Update:12:00 am PDT]

  • Let’s do this!
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