Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Released at Gamescom

The Mists of Pandaria cinematic we have all been eagerly awaiting is here and it is epic! Let’s watch it now:

As @Gazimoff, formerly of Dawnforge‘s Obscurecast said it after seeing the cinematic at Gamescom:

@Gazimoff: There are moments of awe, moments you’ll laugh out loud and moments you’ll grin wickedly.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trailer. The characters are superbly rendered, the little bits of humor are hilariously well timed, and the art is incredible. Down to the movement of the hair on the pandaren, the slaw jawed look of both the orc and the human, all the way down to the detail on the training pandaren in the background, this cinematic was epic to the max! Thank you Blizzard, for hitting another one out of the park, even if it still had no gnomes.

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