Episode 100 Contests!

As we announced on the live recording of All Things Azeroth this past Monday, February 9th will be our live recording of the 100th episode of the show. To celebrate, we will have audio played from all over our fan base, and other podcasts as well. That’s not all though! We will also have 2 contests on the live show. The first is a live chat contest. You must be in the live chat when we give it out to win. The prize for that will be a Papa Hummel’s Old Fashioned Pet Biscuit loot card and a 60 day World of Warcraft game card.

The second contest is one where you can get in early. What you do is email us in your best World of Warcraft screenshot, and we will judge the winner. The winner will be announced on the show, but does not need to be in the live chat. The winner of this prize will win a set of all three World of Warcraft Soundtracks on the original CDs from the Collector Editions. No idea on the value, but if you live the music as much as Graece and I do, this is an amazing prize.

We look forward to your emails and your attendance at this, an amazing day in the show’s history. If you are a listener, fan, or podcaster and you want to send us in your best wishes on the 100th episode, you can do so via email as always! Don’t forget, you can watch us record live every week at out Live page, and we record about 9 pm EST Monday nights. The live show will be starting about 8 pm EST this coming Monday, with an hour of chat and banter before we begin recording. We hope to see you there!

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