Need Versus Want: A Debate of Content and Gear

The subject of this article is one that has been a bone of contention for as long as I have played World of Warcraft. It breaks down to the issue of folks wanting to do what they want to do. However, there seems to be a perceived connection from one aspect of the game to another. People seem to be connecting dailies to raiding, either due to the Valor or Lesser Charms that are provided from the daily quests in the game.

Some people have argued in the community, through forums and Twitter, that in order to raid they need to do dailies. The logic seems to be that in order to get the gear that you need to run raids, you need to do dailies to earn the rep and Valor needed to buy the gear. This belief is so widely held that one would almost think is it a clear and obvious fact by now. Why don’t we look at this, shall we?

Anti Daily crowd
So, the anti daily crowd seems to argue against dailies as ‘boring and repetitive’ and that is why they hate them. They feel rep should be earned outside of the daily quest process so that folks can get gear without them. Great! Blizzard has advised folks of a great way to gear up so that you are raid ready without having to do a single daily quest.

According to Ghostcrawler, players in Mists of Pandaria can be either fully Looking For Raid (LFR) ready, or nearly so by simply completing the normal quests in the game. If you play through all of the content up to the end of the Klaxxi quest chain in Dread Wastes, even without doing any of their daily quests, you should be at or near the 460 item level needed for hitting the LFR. If you do not quite have the 460 item level, you can hit up a few Heroic dungeons or scenarios to fill your last few pieces.

Once you have hit 460, you can very easily hit LFR and work your way through the different levels of LFR, from Mogu’shan Vaults to Terrace of Endless Springs. Between these it is very much possible to get up to 480 item level or higher, and that should lead well into Normal mode raiding, which would lead into Heroic mode. Therefore, without doing a single daily quest, you have gone from 85 in Jade Forest, all the way to Heroic mode raiding without doing even one single daily quest. Magic!

But I don’t wanna quest!
In response to the explanation from Ghostcrawler, more than a few have said that they hate questing, and one even went as far as saying ‘questing is one of the worst forms of content in the game’. So, it’s not the repetition of daily quests you don’t like, it’s any kind of questing. I see. In other words, Blizzard should make it possible to do something that requires no quests to get you from 1 to 90, and let you enter places that require repeating the same content week after week.

Ok, so let’s go with dungeons. You may need to do a few lower level quests to get up to your first dungeon, but once you hit Ragefire or Deadmines, you should be golden. You can repeatedly run the same dungeon until you are ready for the next, and get through all of the dungeons and heroics until you can predict the bosses and notice any bugs in a split second. This will get you up to 90 and get you geared for LFR without having to do all that many quests, and those you do will not take long at all. You may want to cut your own throat by the end, from the sheer repetition, but you CAN do that if you do not want to do a quest. Enjoy!

Repeating the same stuff over and over is mind numbing!
Ok, so you don’t want to repeat the same content. I see. So let’s summarize. You don’t want to do dailies because they are too repetitive. You don’t want to do quests, because they are bad or boring content. You don’t want to do dungeons because to level and gear via dungeons you would need to run them over and over, which is boring. You want gear, but don’t want to work or do anything but one small segment of the game, raiding, to do it. Umm… you want to raid so you can raid? I see.

Don’t do it all
This leads me to the point of this piece. I was listening to some podcasts this week, and catching up on shows while I was busy watching Netflix on my iPhone at every chance. At least a couple people expressed anger or frustration about some of the changes coming in patch 5.2. One person was mad that Lesser Charms now also come from pet battles, which the speaker felt forced players to do pet battles in order to get charms. This kind of baffled me.

If the the reason these folks feel they need to do dailies, or pet battles in 5.2, is to get charms, then I think they need to rethink what is ‘necessary’ in their game. The Elder Charms, and coming Mogu Charms, are not a required aspect of the game. They are a chance for a bonus, but by no means are they needed. Valor is also not needed, though it is helpful if you want to use it on getting a bit ahead on gear. Pet battles, even when giving Lesser Charms, are not required. If you want to pet battle, you can. If you do not want to, then don’t. It is 100% your choice.

Anything in life has a corresponding action needed to obtain it. Want food? Make money. Need money? Work. Don’t wanna work? Well, good luck in finding a sugar momma/daddy. I find it really odd that so many people these days feel like what they want should come from where they want it to, but often that means they will not work for their reward.

I personally disagree with Blizzard changing their stance on rep from dungeons, but applaud them in limiting the amount of rep you can earn. We will no longer see folks running hours upon hours of dungeons or heroics to get exalted rep in less than a day. I know some who liked doing that, but alas, as the box says, the content and game play may change. That person isn’t getting what they want, but neither am I. Call it a compromise.

In the end, people who play any game have a few choices. First, do I want to play this game? Second, what do I want to get out of this game? Third, what do I have to do to get what I want? Fourth, am I willing to do what is necessary? Lastly, is this still a game I want to play? Do you still want to play the game as Blizzard has planned it in the current Mists of Pandaria era? Have you, or are you, considering leaving the game because you can’t get what you want? Let us know in the comments!

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