Announcing Blizzcon Donation Drives Round 2!

I am very happy to announce that with the conclusion of round 1 of the donation drives (Congratulations to Voranek and WhipCityKevin for their success) we will be immediately be launching round 2 of the drives, the promised Engineer’s Special! We have the X-51 Nether-Rocket and the Rocket Chicken. The Rocket Chicken is a rare battle pet once learned, with the stats at Level 1 of Health 155, Power 10, Speed 13, and at Level 25: Health 1481, Power 244, Speed 325. It should be noted that the Rocket Chicken will require a $3 donation, due to the higher cost of this loot code as compared to the Shorestrider. Head on over to the donations page to get more info and donate!

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