AzPodMo 08 #22 – Nov 22, 2008

Medros tells the story of Medivh and the Tower of Karazhan.

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Love the podcast, and with both of you broadcasting every day it has really helped tremendously in making my work day go quickly.
I know it is a special podcasting month for you, but wanted to know it is appreciated. I even loved the ranting episode!

From your last podcast discussing the books, it sounds like to me that you have a firm grasp of the lore of Warcraft.
I would really like to see one of your mini-episodes dedicated to the lore of the wizard Medivh. I think he is one of the most interesting characters in the series, and was an integral part to the Warcraft 3 series. You can even branch out to what I still think is the most enjoyable instance in the game: Karazhan.

All has been really quiet regarding the Wrath expansion and Medivh. There were some rumors that there might be an addition to the Karazhan dungeon further where you travel down to the depths of the tower. Frankly though I am a bit concerned because Blizzard doesn’t want to make long instances anymore, that an extended dungeon like Karazhan was would be out of the question.

I hope we get to experience Medivh in some form in Wrath.

Thanks again!

Arcticrain 72 Mage on Gorefiend
Dublin, Ohio

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