The Best-Known Warcraft Fans

World of Warcraft has been an instant hit since the very beginning. This game has rapidly conquered the world, leaving no place for doubts – it is here to stay. Now, over 15 years later, Warcraft has more hardcore fans than any other computer game or even film franchises for that matter. Of course, it is pretty clear how Warcraft has gained such a loyal fanbase. The possibilities of this world are limitless and unique only to this game. Yet, it may be less known who some of the most famous Warcraft fans are. So, let’s see the biggest Warcraft fans who also happen to be world-famous celebrities. We warn you this list may come as a surprise.

Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis is one of the most outspoken Warcraft fans who also happened to be a celebrity. The actress fell in love with the game basically since it was released. Kunis often admits that she used to play the game all the time. However, with years, the actress had to accept that she got, perhaps, too involved with the game and accept her addiction. Currently, Kunis says that she needs a break from Warcraft and other computer games to spend time with her family and children. You can also learn more about gaming addiction and ways to break the cycle with the paper helper if you feel the need for it.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has, indeed, once mentioned that she played Warcraft. Of course, such a confession happened a long time ago, and Simpson wasn’t much public about her computer games hobbies ever since. So it is hard to tell whether she is still playing or not. Yet, her love for that game had definitely surprised the world at that time. She mentioned that a friend showed her the game and she has been playing it for a while. Of course, such an interest seemed to shock the world back then, though this news has surely helped many Warcraft players, especially female players, to be more open about their love of this game. After all, each big celebrity confession kills off some of the stigma surrounding computer gaming, and Warcraft gaming in particular.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill is a well-known celebrity geek who takes his interests very seriously. He has been very open about his love for numerous computer games, including The Witcher, even before he got to play the main lead in the Netflix Witcher series. However, Cavill is also vocal about his interest in Warcraft. He has been a Warcraft player for quite a while now and explains that he is not about to stop. Overall, Cavill certainly looks like a guy who knows his stuff really well. He is the person you can turn to for help, asking, “Can you do my paper for me on Warcraft (Superman, Witcher, etc.)?” and Cavill won’t disappoint.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Somehow Jamie Lee Curtis gives away some hardcore gaming vibes. She can name any popular computer game and say that she is playing it, and we will believe her. However, there is no secret that Curtis is a Warcraft player. She had come out as a fan of it since around 2016 when she showed up in a full Warcraft orc cosplay to one of the movie’s premiers. Of course, Warcraft fans couldn’t be happier.
Although Curtis mentioned once that she is not such a vivid player herself but merely an observer of her son’s playing, we don’t really believe that. It seems like the actress knows way too much about World of Warcraft not to play it herself. Also, should we briefly mention that Jamie Lee Curtis is in her sixties now? This woman is a true role model for all the young girls out there.

Dave Chappelle
How can we skip Dave Chappelle on such a list? Dave has been very vocal about his love for gaming in general and Warcraft in particular. Even in his stand-ups, Dave sometimes mentions his gaming experience as part of the jokes. Although those references don’t often find a lot of laughs and cheers, Dave is often confident of finding “some geek brothers and sisters” in the crowd, as he puts it.
Overall, Chappelle’s love of gaming is no secret to anyone. He has always been a proud and open geek, in his own words, since the beginning of his career. His ten year leave hasn’t changed that. If anything, he had become more honest about how gaming helped him to pass the time when he was out of business. Really, knowing that Dave Chappelle is somewhere out there in Warcraft makes this game so much more special for all the stand-up fans of the world.

To Sum Up
These are only a few out of many celebrities who have been open about playing and loving Warcraft. However, Warcraft receives even more recognition and support with each new celebrity coming to the game. So it is pretty cool to see these super cool, popular, and seemingly super busy people finding time to play the same game we all love and cherish.

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