Episode 500 Contest!

With episode 500 of All Things Azeroth fast approaching, we have decided to do a big give away. As this is an episode of huge import, we felt the contest should be as well. The contest opens on June 6th at 8:15 PM CDT, and ends on June 19th at 11:59 PM CDT. Entries are earned in several ways.

The first way is by rebroadcasting our daily #ata500facts posts on twitter via retweeting and facebook using sharing. You can do one per day on each platform for a total of two entries. Additionally, you can earn a couple of entries, one each by tweeting out and posting to Facebook about your favorite show memory with the hashtag of #ata500, mentioning the show and you must include the @AllThingsAz account in your tweet.

Next you can earn an entry by sending in either an MP3 via email or Voicemail message to 1-785-282-9695 about your best memory or simply a congrats on hitting 500. Finally, each person who joins the live chat to listen to the live show on the 6th and the 13th of June will get an entry. You must remain in the chat for at least 5 minutes and your entries will be accredited to your username in chat, so be sure to use a registered name! We will announce the winners on June 20th on the live episode 500! The current prize packages are as follows:



Soldier 76 Funko Pop
A copy of Illidan
An enchanted fey dragon mount
A legendary lanyard


$20 blizz balance code
A copy of Durotan
A Pharrah Funko Pop
Warcraft movie mystery mini


3 Months of WoW GameTime
Warcraft movie funko pop(TBA)
A copy of Durotan

A copy of Illidan
A reaper of souls lanyard
A Garona funko pop


A Baby Winston figure
A copy of vol’jin
A legendary lanyard


A copy of Durotan
An Arthas Cute but deadly figure
A legendary lanyard

We will see you on June 20th for the 500 episode extravaganza!

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