My Patch 5.2 Prep To Do List

Thanks to Bashiok, we now have a pretty good idea when Patch 5.2 will be released. His blog post from the 11th said they expected the patch to be released on the 26th of this month. This post will not be going into the many ‘too soon’ posts, or even addressing those who seem to think that Blizz isn’t giving us enough notice of patches ‘these days’, because really, they have very rarely ever given us advanced notice of a patch launch. No, this article is going to be all about how I am preparing for the new patch.

Preparing to Sell
The first thing I am doing is preparing and farming up stuff that will sell very well in the early days of 5.2. We know there will be a heavy need for Ghost Iron(Blacksmithing leveling), Trillium(Wrathion Quest), and Living Steel(Pierre battle pet). As someone with 2 miners and an alchemist, I am in an excellent position to make the most of all 3 of those needs. I can farm Ghost Iron, make it into Trillium, and then make that into Living Steel. That makes Ghost Iron a convenient thing to farm for sure.

Another thing that will be potentially quite profitable, as I wrote in my post Veggie Economics, is the vegetable market. With folks using half or all of their farms for work orders, and still needing banquets for raids, it will be a good time to make a lot of money in the first month or so of 5.2 by selling vegetables at highly inflated prices. I am already seeing some vegetables over 10g a veggie, and I would not be surprised to see all of the vegetables from farming get that high or higher once the work orders hit in 5.2.

Finish up the rep
Another thing I am trying to do as quick as I can is finish up as many of the reps I am working on before the patch hits. My main is close to exalted with Operation: Shield Wall, Klaxxi, and Shado Pan. He is not even revered yet with August Celestials, but I don’t really see a need to level to exalted on either of my current 90s. As long as I can get to revered and buy the commendation, I will work on that rep when my priest hits 90, so he can get the Royal Satchel recipe and the enchanting formulas. At 10,000 gold for the mount, I can wait for it.

I want to get my second alt through the Townlong and Dread Wastes quests, because currently he hasn’t done those, and I suspect if he can finish up Dread Wastes, he will be exalted or nearly do. My main was revered with them when he did it, pre commendations, so it is definitely a possibility, and could get him geared to get into the 5.0 raids. My second alt was actually my first to get exalted with Golden Lotus and Operation: Shieldwall, but has done no Shado Pan or August Celestials rep. Would be interesting for me to have 2 toons in the raiding scene, even if both only ever see LFR versions.

Level it up
I started Mists of Pandaria with 6 level 85s, and only have two of them so far up to maximum level. I think through the content we have had, I have done very well at keeping my current maximum level characters up to speed on the current content, but the further we get into the Pandaren Campaign, the harder I feel it will be to get and keep those characters in the current content with the mix of running Dawnforge and maintaining a full time job.

For leveling my alts, I have tried to do as much as I can at each step to maximize the xp they can earn. All 6 of my 85+ characters have access to their farm, so they each have potential for a bit of experience from killing birds and vermin. For leveling through quests, I have worked my druid Arita up to 87 and a half, and my hunter Ameland up to just into level 86. My Priest and Death Knight have done no questing, but even with that they are both about halfway through level 85. Before 5.2 hits, I would like to see at least the hunter up to 87 so he can open up the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and if possible either my druid to 90, or my priest also up to 87. Also, would like to see my monk Pandros up to level 40 so he can get on some of the cool epic land mounts I have.

Too much to do, too little time
As you can tell, I have a lot of plans and goals for the time from now until when 5.2 hits. I know I am not the only one who is kind of hoping we see 5.2 get a week or so delay, but either way when it hits, I am sure I will have stuff left on my 5.2 to do list. That is just fine, though. If I did everything, all that would be left would be farming for ore, and while I am very good at that, it does get a bit tiresome to spend hour after hour flying around just to add another thousand ore to my stockpiles. Oh, wait. Ore is money. Nevermind!

What is your 5.2 to do list? Are you going to farm to play the auction house? Level an alt? Is there stuff you are not going to do until 5.2 hits? Let us know in the comments!

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