Looking toward Launch Day

Want to come up to Winnipeg and enjoy some Pizza on All things Azeroth, but can’t make it? Well, you can still help the show out in your own part of the world. First, we’d love any audio or photos from your launch events to post on the site here. Second, we have made up a few printable documents you can print out at home and give to your fellow WoW gamers in line for Monday night’s release parties.

First, we have the template used for the Blizzcon magnets, which can be printed into almost business card size from normal card stock, but be warned, they do tend to bleed a bit, causing some to not be as usable. Second, we have a 4 per page flyer that can easily be left at the store to be handed out if the staff approve, or given to those in line. On the live show on the 13th we will be giving away a number of prizes, so do tell folks to tune in live if they can.

If you are coming to the Winnipeg launch party at EB Games in Polo Park, don’t forget to look for me, I’ll be there with pizza for folks in line and a mic in hand to get the reaction and thoughts of those waiting to get the latest expansion. I will have my Collector’s Edition in hand, and am excited to meet fans of the show, new or old, and to give away some prizes! See you, in person or in photo, at the Cataclysm launch event!

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