Linking Contest Update

I was just going to update the original post, but I decided there is enough in this update to warrant a whole new post. First, I want to extend my huge thanks to Jinx, who we are an affiliate of, for being kind enough to donate not one, but two gift codes for their site. While they don’t have our beloved talking plush murlocs in stock, and likely won’t for a few months(post blizzcon?) we now have a Winner and Runner up prize package! The first prize will be a $50 code for, and the second will be $25 for So, at this point, we have the first prize as an Authenticator, a 60 day game card, the $50 gift code for, and a Fireworks trinket loot code. The second place prize is the $25 code, and so far that is it.

If you wish to donate something to one or both of the prize packages, or know of a gamer/WoW related company that might be interested in donating, let us know at and we will be more than happy to accept the donations and/or tips.

Now for my second update. I wanted to clarify, in case people are plotting, that we have very strong rules about spamming. If you spam our link to a site that is unrelated to the game, the entry will be disqualified. Likewise, if we get a report from a site or webmaster that our link has been spammed on their site, or their site has been hacked, or in any way brought harm to their site, you will have one strike before you will be out. Your entry will be disqualified, and any further reports will also disqualify you, and your other links will be thoroughly examined for legitimacy.

We are trying to promote the site, and the podcast, and we cannot do that by spamming people who couldn’t care less about WoW, gaming, or the podcast. Just as a final reminder, to have any entries included in the contest, you must link to us, and then email the link to If you twitter us, just click on your page the time stamp on the tweet, and that will link you to the full tweet url. If you have any questions, concerns, or spam reports, please feel free to email the contest address above and we will repond as quick as we can.

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