Contest Winners!

Now that I have all the information squared away and the winners have all been contacted, I am happy to post the names of the winners of the All Things Azeroth 100 and counting contests from Episode 100 of the show.


Before I show you the winning screenshots, I did want to show you the numerous other contributions we got for this contest. To remind you, the contest was to send us in your best screenshots to our email, Without further delay, here are the entrants.

And now for the winner…

100th Episode Screenshot Contest WinnerCygerstorm, Warlock of the Vehemence guild on Malygos won the 3 CD package of the Warcraft soundtracks from the Collector’s Editions donated by dangfraggit.

Live Chat Trivia
The winner of our live chat contest, which awarded a 60 day game card and a Papa Hummel’s Old Fashioned Pet Biscuit loot card, donated by Niteowl1970 was Stompalina, co-host of the Rawrcast Show, who answered with the fastest cut and paste from WoW Wiki on the question: “What are the two types of titans?” which you will know is Aesir and Vanir from the Titan wiki page.

Congratulations to the winners, and I hope that you both enjoy your prizes!

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