Contest Update

So, the deadline for the contest is in about 20 or 21 hours or so. Well, it was. I decided to delay the end of the contest. The reason for this is because the majority of those who have declared a desire to join in on the contest have told me that life, the holidays, and the game have delayed them from getting their entries completed.

The change of plans is only a few weeks. The new deadline will be January 9th, with the winners being announced on our two year anniversary show, and that will be released on the 15th of January. It may be possible to hear the winners announced on the live recording of the show on the 12th of January, but for sure tune in for the anniversary episode, as well as the 100th episode, which we will record February 9th. Enjoy, happy hunting, and See you in Outlands, and Northrend too!


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