All Things Azeroth #90 – We Survived Again!

Medros and Graece talk about the last week, their thoughts on the AzPodMo, the Naming Policy, Spices, and pets.

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PetePetrelli writes:

I really love the show Medros & Graece, this email is in response to your request of listeners to write in to tell you how we are spending our time since Wrath came live. I am really loving the achievements, I have been slowly making my way through the new zones, taking my time and doing every quest I could find so I could get the set number of quests for each zone. It really makes you go searching in places you might have normally travelled in order to find those last few quests you need in a zone, but I gotta say my proudest achievement to date is becoming a world explorer.

My character “PetePetrelli” (Yes I am a big Heroes fan) Started out at level 1 in Eversong woods and after 78 levels and 38 days (in game played time) he has come full circle to end back in Eversong after traveling the world and becoming a world explorer. I wanted to share my screenshot of that moment with you. This one will be going in my digital picture frame. I know it takes a real geek to put pics of wow in a picture, but oh well, I love this one.

PetePetrelli the Explorer

Chris writes:

You can’t have it both ways… Either you sell for profit, or you hurt the economy by undercutting it.

In all reality, if you put something up for 10% of the market value, all that really happens is someone will buy that and resell it for a profit themselves.

Piley @ YSera

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